Gingerspark (gingerspark) wrote in practicalmagick,

Altar placement

I'm "redecorating".

I have always placed my alter inside my circles when performing rituals.
The new "space" that I will be using would make it difficult to do so as the altar would be up against a wall, (in a northern corner actually).

I have discussed this with a whole whack of people, most of who have completely different views.
I have heard the opinion that I'd have to just cast around the wall altar and include it; I've heard that as long as I have my essential tools within my circle and keep the room cleansed that there will be no problems; I've been told that I'd need to create a smaller secondary altar within the circle; I've also been told that it is essential to drag the altar out from the wall each time (very impractical).

I'm not huge on ritual per se and will, in the end, do what I feel is right, but I am interested in what other peoples' opinions are.
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