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Energy for Energy in Magical Workings

a bit of a rant...xposted from various locales on the interwebs...

I have had an interesting conversation with two ladies I consider mentors or teachers of the highest caliber - and I know they'd defer on that idea.

Anyway, the topic at hand is energy for energy in a magical working. Like a tarot reading, or reiki, or whatever. The idea that someone started somewhen about NOT "paying"-1 for the energy a healer or seer puts out is so LUDICROUS that I'm surprised it's still passed around, but that's not main focus here.

What is, is that - say you hire a contractor to fix a leaky pipe in your house. You pay him/her, correct? They expend ENERGY and TIME in fixing that leak, yes?

Then why is it so DAMN hard to imagine paying someone you've asked to read tarot or perform reiki for you?

Here's my definition, worked out with those mentors, on PAYING:
1-with actual greenbacks, as they are in fact, earned with energetic output (from you, the wage earner)
2-in equal trade, you ask for a tarot reading, you give in return, a pendulum reading, etc.
3-equitable trade, like I give someone jewelry for some service
4-preparing a meal (energetic output requires input before and sometimes after the session)
5-doing some kind of work for the person, or a designee of that person (like yard work, or helping them go to a store, or if they ask you to help a friend of their's and be quit of the obligation)

That's a start, at least. See, in at least some Native American tribes (I don't have specifics, it's what I've read), the Medicine Person/Shaman/Spiritualist was absolutely, 100% cared for - doing the work of the Shaman, speaking with the dead, with animal spirits, doing healing, fighting off curses, et al, is damn dangerous work, as dangerous as giving birth, or hunting. So, in return for the work the Medicine Person did for the tribe, his/her wants and needs were taken care of BY THE TRIBE. (or in other cases, by their remaining family) If a group of hunters wishes for success in a hunt, they can bring something to the shaman for their blessing, or arrange that a choice piece of the prey is brought back for that shaman.

So the idea that Tarot Readers and Energy Workers (reiki, etc) SHOULD NOT be paid, is stupid, and should be reversed, post haste.

if you are currently exploring getting some of this work done, I STRONGLY urge you to ask the practitioner if they take trade (especially if you are as poor as I am).

Energy workers? Please don't sell yourself short on your time and energy. You do this because you feel a need (geas?) to. It's time others showed their appreciation for the danger you put yourself in.

Mamma Dragon, totemist, energy worker, healer, crystal worker.
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