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I'm new to this community and to wicca/witchcraft. I've studied wicca on and off for about a year. I've made some of my own spells that have worked out at a moderate level but I need help.
My mom tends to be a very negative person she comes home and complains and is always in a grippy mood. Now take it she is a very nice person at heart but I feel like she is under stress and stress is a major harborer of negative energy. I think she brings in a lot of negativity into the house I can almost feel it in the air. Every time she walks in a room even if she's not in a bad mood I can feel it. I know it's probably wrong to cast a spell on someone without they're permission to help with her stress. Is there any spell I can use to clean the house of negativity and protect it from being brought in again?
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I highly recommend you perform the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentaram, or LBRP. Although, if you're just beginning, that could be a bit complicated. That said, I suggest poppet magic in this case; make a wax or cloth doll to represent your mother. Then take a representation of each element (dirt for earth, something red for fire, incense for air and water for water- just as examples) and make up some sort of incantation for each element to bring her peace. Within the wiccan paradigm, of course, it's probably best to do this while the moon is waxing, perhaps even on a new moon. Although of course your own ritual will work the best. I hope I was able to help somewhat! I know how stressful parents can be when you're first starting to practice. *nod nod nod*