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Hi! Yes, I'm new...

I'm Stephie, and I consider myself a Christian, but I'm also into other spiritual things like rituals and such. I'm fascinated by the ideas of witchcraft and folk medicine, and I have beautiful Tarot cards (they have a Renniscanse theme!) and I love candles & incense, and want to look more into crystal healing. (please excus my horrid slepping)

A couple Christmases ago, my grandmother gave me this awesome book called "The Ultimate Guide to Goddess Empowerment" written by Sophie, and she did other books on hexes and stuff. I'm into faeries too, and have done a couple rituals with that, like a Salimander one, it was amazing, it's a fire element of course and it was to get rid of bad memories, and you light a candle and stare at the flame and then I closed my eyes and got an image in my head about something embarassing I'd done once, and then I had the image slowly burn away from the bottom to the top, and ever since, i haven't had a problem with that!! I have a hard time letting go of stuff even if it happend years ago, so that was very helpful.

One thing I do remember from Wicca itself (correct me if I'm wrong,) is the law of threeforld, when you're cursing someone if you point your index finger, 3 of your fingers are pointing back  as you and thus you'll have whatever you hex the other person with 3 times as badly, I'm pretty sure that's right.  My ex was Wiccian (I wish we were still friends but she's not on Facebook :( but it was really helpful for her so that's good. I don't care if people belive in God or not. Do I? Yeah, sure but I think people were meant to belvie in or not belvke in what they truly feel. Ergo, I (obviously) don't adhear to only Christain concepts but other oens as well. I don't follow any written doctriate; I just follow my heart.

If it sounds ridicilous, fair enough but since I don't follow any written doctrite, I have a bizarre array of how the universe came to be. this is just my....rather ood feelings: God always existed. he created the big bang, and the one tiny cell that all of humanity grew to (I so don't believe in the 'making man in one day' etc) and I believe in God like I said, the idea of Karma, Fate (DEIFNATLY) and I also thing that heaven, whatever deity you belicei in, they're there for you. Why insist that only your god is there? I think that's excluding people. I guess if you follow a book or scripture of some kind, but I think it's fair for wahtever you blevie in is there for. And if you belvieve in no afterlife, you won't have one. If someoen's an Atheist, first of all, I can't blame them, and secondly, I feel that people believe what they were meant to. Also I DON'T think that all of life is predesting, but I dont' bleive its only by random chance either. I bleive that Fate gives you a situation and your choices lead you forward (or backwards, I suppose, if you're reverting to an old habit or some such,) and you get chances and opportunities and you need to take them. I believe sincerly in guaridain angels and have one, without sounding a bit mad. but I do. It works for me and gives me a lot of guidance and hope.

This seems really cool and I'm glad I found this group!!

I have to go now. Blessed Be! :) 
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